China went on a trip to Tianjin.

China went on a trip to Tianjin. It took us free, and it took about 30 minutes by taxi from the hotel to Tianjin city, but from Cloak I was told that ""the bus is cheaper"", so I challenge to take a bus and go to the city I decided to decide. At this time, Chinese was enough to speak a few numbers, and it could be said that I could not speak at all. In Japan, it is common to pay the fee first and push the stop button when the destination bus stop approaches, but we do not know the situation of the city bus buses in China, so let me know only the number of the flight to catch on the way back I decided to depart. Because there was a bus street to go, I waited a while and the bus came soon. At this time, I did not know how much the bus fare was, so for the time being, I bought 1 yuan and 10 yuan for both cases and found that this bus is 5 yuan. As long as the 30-minute journey is 5 yuan, as China is still impressed with the price being inexpensive, the number of passengers will gradually increase, and finally, those who can not sit in the auxiliary seat will be able to buy a beer box I was sitting upside down after a while. Perhaps, I thought that it was full because the way back from the city, but there was no bus tie in Tianjin city more than that, so I did not know exactly where it was the return flight. For the time being, I finally managed to find the return flight, I managed to show the hotel brochure and tell me that I wanted to return here if I waited for where I was going to find out something. Sure enough, the beer box was my seat. When I heard it later, even Chinese people seem to be stuck without knowing the first bus. Why did Cloak recommend the bus to the Japanese people? My journey has become a mentally tiring journey. China decided not to take a bus twice.

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